spank me

Stoners are the worst texters. Were either too busy smoking, forget we have a phone, or staring at the text wondering if it makes any sense.



this hit me in my soul

Why is this true af

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done with this, done with you
"With one burning hand she held his and with the other she kept pushing him away."
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Anonymous said:

you are worth everything you are an entire soul with memories and experiences and thoughts and you have so much magic and power in you don't waste your time doubting yourself focus on how good you are there is love all around you swim in it

i know the love is there, i just don’t feel it. I’d love to know who you are. thank you for your kind words. life is just tough sometimes. ya know?

Anonymous said:

You're wanted and very worthy. You're so super cool and as a nice bonus you just happen to be really fucking gorgeous too. Much love.

i want to know who you are because you honestly just helped me in such an immense way. thank you, you’re an amazing human.

i feel so unwanted and sad

i literally feel like i am not worthy of anything and that i am just worthless and it’s eating away at my insides


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